Can you share any produce for Chilton’s Harvest Festival on Sunday?

You may have heard that the Harvest Festival Lunch at Chilton House is Sold Out?

This is both wonderful for the Church and disappointing for those of you who are unable to join us.

HOWEVER, if you have any home-grown produce, Jams, Jellies, Chutneys or Pickles, Fruit pies, tarts or cakes that you would like to share with the village, please do not hesitate to get it to the Church before 11:00 am THIS SUNDAY.

It helps so much to make the Service so very special by having real produce to celebrate this bountiful time of year.

All of the produce is auctioned after the lunch with the funds going towards maintenance of St.Mary’s Church

Even if you are unable to attend the lunch, your attendance at the Service at 11:30 would be welcomed, along with children, to create a real Festival feel to the service.

Please call 07789 985709 to arrange the best time to deliver any produce you have to donate to the Village service.

With very best wishes to you all