Expressway Update on Dedicated WebPage

We have added a new page on the website with links and connections to the wider story about the potential of the Expressway coming right through the village.

We want to engage with everyone, whilst appreciating that homeowners are at most risk financially for any blight to the village, every resident is a stakeholder in sharing the beauty and benefits of this exclusive piece of Buckinghamshire.

The more support we can garner, the more information and knowledge of historic and environmental value we can assemble, the more people we can demonstrate who care about our environment, the stronger we will be in defence of our very special piece of England

So whether you are a temporary resident, tenant or homeowner, please take the time to find out all about this scheme and if you feel you can help with research or a simple donation however small or large, we would welcome your support

Donations can be made anonymously if required via our Just giving page – click here

Go to the NEW webpage now and read all about the Expressway – CLICK HERE