30 sign

Latest Speed Warning Sign Reports Available

The two latest speed warning sign reports for Chilton have been compiled by Nick Wasey from data downloaded from the speed sign.

The first is for the period Nov-Dec 2021 at the Brill Road location and the second is for the period Feb-Mar 2022, Dorton Road location.

The sign has now been moved back to the Thame Road and will stay there for the next 6-8 weeks.

All reports can be found on the Documents page of the website, under “Parish Council” can be downloaded here

Please skip to pages 5 & 6 for the summaries.

Nick observes, “It’s interesting to compare the data from the two sites. As you might expect, there isn’t a speeding problem on the Brill Road because cars naturally slow down as they approach the blind crest leading up to the junction of the Dorton Road. 35% of cars were over the 30mph limit at this location with an 85% percentile speed of 33.4mph and an average of 27.47mph. Cyclists will also bring the average down as they pound up the hill! As you will see, by comparison the Dorton Road values are much higher.”

These reports are incredibly useful as we consider what other traffic calming measures we could implement here in Chilton. Thanks to Nick for compiling the reports and to Finn from Stable Cottage for helping move the speed sign between its various sites.