Putting you through…..

We will shortly be putting you through to our new Phone Box Library

Following various fund raising events,we now have sufficient funds to start work on renovating the tired, sad and neglected phone box.

Coincidentally our works started just after the council made their first visit this year to cut the verges and clear all the weeds away ready for our painter to start work

So Saturday saw a thorough clean down followed by a primer coat, followed on Sunday with a top coat to start making the phone box look respectable again

The replacement glass and signage for the top of the box is on order and this followed by a bit more work will leave the box ready t recevie some shelving for us to create our very own Chilton library.

Following on the shirt tails of other villages, we are going to invite residents to donate spare books to our small library in the hope that this will create a useful benefit to all

Depending on the remaining funds after this work we are hoping to landscape around the box and even provide a bench – we might have to extend to a bit more fundraising but this is a great start

So many thanks to all those who have contributed over the past couple of years