Good progress on traffic calming in Chilton


The Chilton Community Speed Watch team reports a big reduction in speeding during peak traffic hours. During the first week of action with the radar gun, up to 25% of cars were travelling over 35mph through the centre of the village. The fastest car was recorded at 50mph! Five weeks and several CSW sessions later, the percentage of speeders had dropped to 2%.

Equally the investment in our new radar speed sign has had a very positive effect. The old sign regularly recorded a 37mph approach speed and this has now dropped to 32mph resulting in a noticeable difference in the speed of north-bound traffic.

Many thanks to all in the team who have given their time to this successful initiative.

Chilton CSW needs more volunteers to make it sustainable so if you can spare an hour or two to help make Chilton a quieter and safer village please contact Finn Koefoed-Nielsen at