Chilton is now a member of Community Speedwatch UK and you may well have seen our volunteers in the village with their speed gun.

On the first day over 25 cars were recorded exceeding the speed threshold with several being clocked at 43mph as they passed Princes Close on the Thame Road.

Community Speedwatch

These drivers will now receive a letter from Thame Valley Police reminding them of the speed limit in Chilton and explaining the consequences should they continue to speed through the village.
With regular, short CSW sessions at various locations and at different times of the day, driver behaviour will change for the better.

How you can help

In order to maintain a presence at the side of the road, we need volunteers. Every session we run must, by law, have a minimum of three people present and this requirement is putting excessive pressure on our current pool.

We don’t want the same people to keep having to constantly give up their time. We would rather a bigger pool spent less time.  Realistically we want people who can give us one session a week which is between one and two hours.  Not a massive amount to ask to potentially save the life of a young child.

If you can help, please get in touch with either Nick Wasey or alternatively Finn Koefoed-Nielsen on 07513 995917


Speedwatch FAQs

We are fortunate in Chilton to have not suffered a loss of life recently to a traffic accident.

And we want to keep it that way.

Local schools, bigger vehicles and the increase in home delivery have all made for more traffic in the village and unfortunately not all of them observe the speed limits.

We are doing this to educate drivers so that we don’t end up tragically losing someone.

As much as you want.

Each session lasts between 1 and 2 hours and we would like volunteers to commit to at least one session a month. This helps spread the load so that others don’t end up doing more.

Absolutely not. By law there must be three people working at a time or we have to abandon the session.

Yes, you will be trained on-line( this is a legal requirement) and then you will always be working with someone who has had more experience and able to help you out.

Nobody gets paid unfortunately, but you will have the thanks of the whole community in helping make Chilton a safer place.