We are fortunate to have access to some amazing photographs of Chilton past and present which capture the beauty and exclusivity of our wonderful village

If you would like to add to these photos to allow us to build an open window into Chilton’s current life and history then please click here

Chilton Social – Addingrove Farm

In July the Chilton Social went to Addingrove Farm to see their new robotic milking system. Afterwards we all got together for a BBQ by the side of the cart wash outside Chiton House

Many of these photos came from Szandi Kropok who came on the night. Szandi is a professional photographer who runs a company called Furry Family Pet Photography and I’m sure you’ll agree, she knows how to take photos of animals. Check out her website for more details

Photos from friends

Alison Clayton spent a lot of time during her lunchbreaks at Chilton Business Centre wandering the roads, paths and fields of Chilton to create a diverse record of everyday life. Alison has moved from Chilton but keeps in touch and has fond memories of her time here – enjoy her stunning photographs

David Beard was born and bred in Chilton and lived at the Old Forge until moving away to Lancashire in the early Seventies. David visits whenever he can and has kindly provided access to his library of photos – a number of pictures for older residents to reminisce over


Images from Chilton Parish Council