Community Speedwatch gun

Chilton Community Speed Watch Group

In order to combat the speeding problem in Chilton, the Parish Council are setting up a Community Speed Watch (CSW) group to conduct a campaign of observing and recording vehicle speeds through the village. Under the CSW scheme drivers of vehicles exceeding the 30 mph zone speed threshold will be contacted by Thames Valley Police.

The objectives of Chilton CSW are twofold:

  • To educate drivers and increase awareness of their speeding
  • To improve safety and quality of life in the village

The Chilton CSW group can only be successful in making the village a more pleasant and safer place to live if we have VOLUNTEERS prepared to commit a very modest amount of time each month.

More volunteers = less time each person has to dedicate

If you are concerned about the speed of traffic through Chilton, please contact Nick Wasey at to find out how to get involved in this initiative.

Community Speed Watch