Chilton Parish Council Launches WhatsApp Group

Hello, Residents of Chilton & Easington,
Chilton Parish Council have set up a Chilton & Easington WhatsApp Group to communicate village bulletins and events.
We already have a number of communication channels, including email, Facebook and the new website, but we’re still finding that not everyone in the village is being reached.
WhatsApp is widely used and a great way of keeping everyone informed through short messages.

To set up the group, we’ve used WhatsApp Community which has two important features: –

  1. The Chilton & Easington Community group is an “announcement only” channel. The administrators can post an announcement, but the group members can’t reply, thus avoiding the main message being lost in chat.
  2. The Community Group can have any number of sub-groups each with their own administrator. These could include school lift shares, Chilton Greenspace, Chilton
    Socials, dog walkers etc. As a member of the Community, you can request to set up a group as an administrator and other members have the choice to join if it’s a group that interests them.

The Parish Council will keep messaging to a minimum but will include announcements on events, project news, meeting dates and ad-hoc bulletins such as road closures or utility updates as we’re made aware of them.

Chilton PC reserves the right to close any sub-group if it’s misused in any way and you can leave the Community group at any time.

To join the Chilton & Easington WhatsApp Community just scan the QR code using the camera function on WhatsApp.


Your name and number will be visible only to the group administrators and anyone who has you as a contact on their phone.

Please see the PC website for a copy of the Privacy Policy

Thank you and we look forward to building the Chilton community.

Chilton Parish Council

If you have any problems accessing the WhatsApp community please contact Bobs Damerell