village meeting

Chilton Village Meeting

It’s our annual village meeting tonight at 8pm in St Mary’s Church.

Please join us tonight in St Mary’s church for our annual Chilton Parish Village Meeting.

Chair Nick Wasey will talk about what has happened in the village over the last year and look forward what is planned for the current year.

He will also be providing a financial report for the parish including investments in traffic calming measures that will complement the Speedwatch campaign which will be starting in a few weeks’ time.

County Councillor Michael Rand will be presenting his annual report for the Grendon Underwood ward which our parish forms a part of.

Also on the agenda is Stephen Pinel who will be presenting his idea for a much needed green space in Chilton and how you can get involved.

Lastly, Harry Aubrey-Fletcher will be providing an update and answer questions on current and future estate developments.

We look forward to seeing you

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