Fix My Street Does Work

The road defects in Chapel Lane were repaired in June after Duncan Parker registered all the potholes on Buckinghamshire Fix-My-Street, proving that the system does work.

Thank you to Duncan and all the other residents who have reported road defects and other street maintenance issues this year. Most have now been fixed, but there are plenty of faults to register! With a new Local Area Technician for Buckinghamshire Roads (who has visited Chilton and met with councillors) and a new roads maintenance contractor in Balfour Beatty, we are promised an improved level of service.

Issues will be prioritised if more people register a fault, so if you would like to see something fixed, don’t leave it to others to register the problem. Just go on to our website and visit  (You’ll find it under Useful Numbers in the menu) and take five minutes to log the fault.

Also, please encourage neighbours to do the same.