Community Speedwatch co-ordinator needed

Dear Chilton and Easington residents.

Last year Community Speedwatch was launched in the area and we saw a great impact on road safety (evidence by the overall recorded reduction in speeding). Community Speedwatch is a national initiative where proactive members of the community (with the support of Thames Valley Police) work together to record details of speeding vehicles (who are then contacted by TVP with repeat offenders receiving a visit).

The Parish of Chilton and Easington have 10 volunteers trained to participate in the Community Speedwatch initiative and are ready to go but they’re currently looking for a new coordinator to pick up from the great work Finn Koefoed-Nielsen started last year.

The coordinators’ role is to set the dates/times to run a session (Subject to availability of others), manage the equipment, log the offences and share the results with the wider community. Finn has already worked with TVP to get several sites approved for us to use for Community Speedwatch activities.

If interested in taking up this role (or would like to know more), please contact Stephen Pinel on 07818 822478 or via .

You can find more details on Community Speedwatch UK here:

Best wishes