Good progress on traffic calming in Chilton


The Chilton Community Speed Watch team reports a big reduction in speeding during peak traffic hours. During the first week of action with the radar gun, up to 25% of cars were travelling over 35mph through the centre of the village. The fastest car was recorded at 50mph! Five weeks and several CSW sessions later, the percentage of speeders had dropped to 2%.

Equally the investment in our new radar speed sign has had a very positive effect. The old sign regularly recorded a 37mph approach speed and this has now dropped to 32mph resulting in a noticeable difference in the speed of north-bound traffic.

Many thanks to all in the team who have given their time to this successful initiative.

Chilton CSW needs more volunteers to make it sustainable so if you can spare an hour or two to help make Chilton a quieter and safer village please contact Finn Koefoed-Nielsen at



speed sign solar

New Speed Sign for village

Our new solar powered speed sign is up and running.

Finn Koefoed-Nielsen and Nic Wasey fitted it on Tuesday morning and immediately witnessed its effect as cars visibly slowed to below 30. A big tick in the box!

The sign itself works very well, was easy to install and is perfectly visible even in a south facing orientation. It also has batteries on board so can run without it’s panel. With another bracket it can be tested on the other poles around the village.


1st session

First Community Speedwatch Session

We held the first session of the Chilton CSW during the school dash this morning. Thank you to Alan, Ronwin, Stephen and Finn.

Over 25 cars were recorded exceeding the speed threshold with several being clocked at 43mph as they passed Princes Close on the Thame Road.

These drivers will now receive a letter from Thame Valley Police reminding them of the speed limit in Chilton and explaining the consequences should they continue to speed through the village.

With regular, short CSW sessions at various locations and at different times of the day, driver behaviour will change for the better.

If you can spare a bit of time and would like to volunteer for this community initiative, please contact Nick Wasey


Community Speedwatch

At the weekend new Community Speed Watch signs were fixed at all three entrances to the village and the Chilton CSW team are ready to start traffic monitoring … imminently!

The aim is to reduce the speed of traffic through our village to therefore reduce noise and make Chilton a more pleasant place to live.

Come and have a chat when you see the team “on patrol” and please volunteer for this community initiative if you can spare an hour or two a month.



Road Closure


Dorton Road is closed for the next 4 business days between the hours of 9am and 3pm whilst work is done to repair the immense number of potholes along the 2.5 mile stretch of road.

Cyclists are allowed to pass and the road will be open during the weekend.